Sunday School Online

For students in preschool – 5th grade: There is a video you can find on our website and it is also shared on Messiah’s Facebook page. In addition please read in your Spark Story Bible The Greatest Commandment on p 308. Talk about these lessons with your family. 

For students in middle school and confirmation: Please read the Gospel text that you can find in the bulletin that will be shared on our website. I would also like you to highlight words in your Bible that stuck out to you and email Kelly ( a list of which words you choose.

For students in Jr. & Sr. high school: We will be having a Zoom online meeting. Please check your text messages for directions on how to get to this. If you did not receive directions please text or call Kelly at 319-572-3947

The Toby Mac concert has been postponed until August 8th. Please mark your calendars.

412 Timothy is “meeting” on Wednesday nights via the Marco Polo app. Please see Kelly if you have any questions or need help getting the app.

Lock-in for grades 3, 4 and 5 has been postponed. Look for more info coming soon!

Scholarship application deadline is April 1. Applications can be found on our website or picked up from the church office. If you need an extension on the deadline please contact Kelly or the church office.

Kelly is available to meet with children, youth, and families via email, phone calls, text messages or in person if needed. Her contact information is: and 319-572-3947

Here is a lesson you can do as a family. Watch this  video and then read in your Spark Story Bible The Greatest Commandment on page 308.

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