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Messiah Preschool’s Mission Statement is to provide a high quality learning environment for children 3, 4, & 5 year’s old, through faith-based education.

Messiah Preschool’s Goals are for the children served by our center to develop normally, to exhibit healthy social, emotional, and physical growth; for the parents to feel confident that their children are being cared for in the best possible manner, to find the center personnel well trained, open and easy to communicate with, and to be satisfied with their child’s growth in becoming “School Ready”.

Messiah Preschool’s Objectives are (a) to carefully screen potential employees and to train employees thoroughly in good child development, health, and safety practices; (b) to staff the center so each child will receive maximum attention and develop a positive self image while learning appropriate skills; (c) to develop a policy of yearly parent conferences, or more if needed, newsletters, and other means of communication; (d) to instruct staff to welcome parent questions and comments cheerfully, to give serious attention to each comment, and to address each comment promptly; (e) to develop a budget that reflects prudent expenditures and accurate forecasts of income to place priority on careful financial management; (f) creating an environment where children feel secure and ready to learn.


The preschool staff believes that play and education complement one another in a child’s young life. Through play a child comes to know the world around them by experiencing joy and satisfaction. During play a child acquires increased muscle control, learns perseverance, develops imagination, and learns responsibility. Language develops and the senses expand. Play is the serious business of living to a young child.

The goals we strive to attain include developing independence by learning to get along with others, following a routine, self-confidence, good listening skills, and self-help skills. Academic skills introduced include alphabet and numeral recognition, colors, shapes and counting. Creative Curriculum is implemented using the themes and desired skills as a guide. A weekly Bible devotion will be introduced along with the themes. Using this approach provides an opportunity for repeated exposure and reinforcement of learning goals and so that learning fun in meaningful ways and relevant.

Daily planned activities to achieve these goals will include creating environments and experiences with various art media, manipulatives, dramatic play, rhythm songs, storytelling, and observation of nature, cooking, games, and physical coordination activities where the children feel secure and can be proud of their achievements. During the school year visitors from the community will come to share information that will expand the child’s awareness of the world around him/her. Civic Awareness is how to become an active part of the community with our Caring and Sharing activities.

Messiah Lutheran Church
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